5 Tips for Effective Searching


Tip 1 - Use relevant keywords

• Enhance your search by using words like Human, Digital, Marketing, Supply, Sales...

• Avoid using words like Director, President, Chief, Department, Resources...


Tip 2 - Try different approaches

 • Searching for Sustainability will display all companies, titles, and names related to sustainability.

 • Searching for "Chief Sustainability Officer" will show only exact matches, while searching for

 • Chief Sustainability Officer without quotation marks will display any results containing these words.


Tip 3 - Refine your search results

• Filter your results by executive, title, company, industry, region, country, role, reporting level...

• Customize further your search by selecting from lists like Fortune 500, subsidiary levels...


Tip 4 - Discover similar profiles

• Define your ideal contact, like the VP of Human Resources at a German Insurance company.

• Find similar profiles by filtering your search results on the "Human" role and "Insurance" industry.

• Gain access to search results and downloads through our VIP/Premium Search by Segment feature.


Tip 5 - We're here to help

 • Use the Anything Missing feature at the top of each org chart and let us know what you need.

 • For assistance or further support, please contact us at [email protected].