Feed your company (and your LLM) with customized data


What makes our data sets stand out

Our data sets are designed to provide actionable insights for sales and recruiting.

They are updated in real time and are GDPR compliant. 

Plus, they can be easily combined with other data sets.

Unmatched coverage for unmatched insights 

Our data feeds cover more than just CEOs, board members, and key officers. We provide coverage for N-1 to CEOs and N-2 to CEOs for companies with annual revenues exceeding $100 million.

This means you get unparalleled real-time coverage on decision makers at successful companies and their subsidiaries, including publicly traded, private, unicorn, Fortune 500 private, and government-owned companies. 

Our meticulously structured data is a game-changer for integrating with your LLM and prompt API. It’s tailor-made for smooth integration, powering your AI with precision and depth.


Inject personalized data into your datalake

Customize your data to suit your needs. Choose the companies you want to focus on, set industrycountry  and stock index preferences, and select executive functions and reporting levels.

You can receive the content once, daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. And with multiple file formats and delivery methods available, including email, SFTP, REST API, and customized interfaces, you have complete freedom.

Here are the 100 most popular data fields that can be included in your data feed.


Three exemples

Company organizational charts
Find decision-makers, update CRMs, and benchmark organizations with ease. Our charts provide the names and titles of 20-50 key executives for each company and its subsidiaries.

Executive movements 
Stay ahead of the game with deep coverage of key executives. Our data feed delivers 10-50 times more executive movements daily than standard news sites, helping you spot business leads and market trends.

History of executive movements
Unlock valuable insights with our dataset of daily executive movements from the past 5 years. Use these time-stamped data points to predict investment opportunities or conduct academic research.

Transparent pricing

We offer annual budgets ranging from $10k to $80k, depending on your requirements. Our pricing is based on the number of companies and data fields you need, with a rule of thumb of $1 to $5 per company organizational chart per year.

If you're on a tighter budget, our Premium and VIP option starting at $99 provide individual usage, core data fields, excel file downloads, personalized alerts and on-the-shelve REST APIs (List Watch, Org Chart, Executive Biography and Search API).

Ready to learn more? Contact us!

Simply email us at [email protected] and provide details about your project.

The more specific you are, the better we can assist you. We'll recommend data fields, estimate data volume, and provide samples. Feel free to ask any questions to ensure a tailored proposal aligned with your needs.

In the meantime, here are answers to some FAQs from our corporate prospects.