Frequently Asked Questions on Data, Compliance, and Services

1. How is your data updated?

Our mission is to keep you connected with real-time organizational charts!
We update our data constantly with reliable corporate information, verified directly by company executives.
Our system monitors over 1,400,000 sources 24/7, and our dedicated analysts ensure accuracy by making around 3,600 updates daily. We’re here to keep your data fresh and accurate!  

2. What are your sources?
We use cutting-edge algorithms, expert crowdsourcing, and direct email verification with executives.
Our vibrant community of 600,000+ active contributors and our highly-trained analysts work together to capture every change from over 1,400,000 trusted sources, ensuring you get the most reliable data available.
3. Are you GPDR and CPPA compliant?

Yes, as a Europe-headquartered company, GDPR and CACC compliance is fundamental to our operations.
We collect only publicly verifiable information and use professional emails exclusively for verification. Our practices ensure we handle data responsibly and maintain the trust we've built over the past decade.
4. Do you offer any free trial?
Absolutely! You can register as a free member for instant access to data on 15 companies of your choice or try our Premium and VIP access, fully refundable within the first 15 days.

5. How are the data delivered?
We make data delivery as flexible as possible! Access our verified data through custom API, email, or directly on our servers in formats like XML, Excel, JPEG, PDF, and REST API.
Choose instant, daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly updates to suit your needs
6. What are the permitted uses of the data?
Our data is versatile! Use it internally to enhance your CRM or externally to power SaaS applications and market analysis.
Whether for internal strategy or customer-facing solutions, our data adapts to your goals!

7. How are you different from your competitors?
We go above and beyond! Unlike LinkedIn’s middle management focus, we provide comprehensive executive data.
We offer more decision-maker coverage than Bordex, Bloomberg, or FactSet, and our detailed organizational structures surpass those of D&B or Google. 

8. Why do you say that “an organizational chart cannot lie”?
Organizational charts tell the real story! They reflect the actual structure and priorities of a company.
With executives under constant scrutiny, our charts provide a reliable snapshot of who’s who and who’s where, giving you invaluable insights.

9. Quick questions
Can we have a call? We’d love to chat! While much of what you need is on our site, we’re here to answer any questions via email and arrange a call if needed.

Is your data set growing? Yes, it’s expanding rapidly! We grow about 10% each year and stay on top of executive turnover to keep you informed of the latest changes.
Do you work with academics? Absolutely! We offer special pricing and enjoy collaborating with academic institutions, including teams at MIT and Harvard Business School.

How many different companies do you follow? We track over 80,000 companies, including 45,000 independent entities and 35,000 subsidiaries. You’re in good company with us!


For more information or to get started, contact us at [email protected].iWe’re excited to work with you!