Company Organizational Chart Feed

Grab the attention of decision-makers and refresh your CRM.



This data feed covers over 80,000 companies in 200 countries and displays their over 1,000,000 most important executives. 

For each company, the reporting lines for its 20-50 decision-makers, their names and business titles are included. Roughly 3,000 to 4,000 organizational charts are weekly updated with new decision-makers. 

Your data feed can enrich your key accounts including their subsidiaries.

The data feed can also be carved out by country, industry or stock indexes (e.g., S&P 500, Global Forbes 2000, Stoxx 600, CSI 800, Nikkei 225, Fortune 500 and unicorns).



Our organizational charts display the names and business titles of the CEOs, the board members, the N-1s to the CEO and the N-2s to CEOs for all the public and private companies making over $100 million in annual revenue. 

Organizational charts permit you to reach the decision-makers and to stay on top of their respective company's priorities.

Having a Chief Financial Officer is expected. But having, say a Vice President of Customer Success or Vice President of Growth tells a lot about what a particular company is seeking to conquer, protect or prioritize.

Thus, these insights can be inserted in your CRM or assembled with your other data in your data lake.


Data Structure

Data is delivered weekly in HTML on secured FTP servers.

For each company, the data are highly structured to make their integration with your systems easy. Here are the fields that we provide: 

The company name complemented with the company industry, country, website, phone, organizational chart URL, mother name and stock ticker symbol; 

The executive name along with their business title, the current executive department, the current reporting level and the name of the executive to whom they report. 

Additional fields can be attached on demand including biographies, graphics or social media.  


Price level 

For internal usage, the annual price with the above data fields ranges between $10k and $80k depending on the number of requested companies. 


Please contact us to know more at [email protected].