Rest APIs


Our Rest API will let you automatically insert on your demand the most up-to-date records in your data lake and make sure you always have the best insights, even as information changes.

Installing our REST API takes between 30 seconds and an hour to a junior programmer depending on the sophistication of your integration.  


The REST APIs are included in all our memberships:

  • The Free, Premium and VIP memberships include respectively 100, 1,000 and 25,000 credits.
  • Each API request uses just one credit.
  • Your remaining credit can be followed in My account >>> My Preferences.
  • As our memberships, the below APIs are for an individual usage.

Four REST APIs are available to all our Members:

1. Company List Watch API to download the latest update date of your company (Beta)
• Add all the companies you want to follow in the Watch API folder located in My account;
• Receive the latest update date/time for your companies and all their subsidiaries;
• The selected date the slightest change (titles, reporting, names, ownership...)
• The provided fields for each company are listed here.
2. Company Org Chart API to download the company org chart.
• Send one our company unique identifier (searchable w/ 1. or inserted in the org chart Excel file);
• Receive the company details with the list of executives that we follow in our database;
• The provided fields for the company and its executives are listed here.
3. Executive Biography API to download the executive biography
• Send one our biography unique identifier (available in each org chart API);
• Receive the executive roles, education and career details that we follow in our database;
• The provided fields for the company and its executives are listed here.
4. Company Search API to spot your most relevant companies
• Send any company name of interest for you;
• Receive the 25 most relevant company names that we follow in our database;
• 10 fields are provided including our company unique identifier.
Your REST API activation

1. Register as a member or login if you are a member;
2. Generate your security token in Rest API Preferences;
3. Select one of the API in the Rest API Specification;
4. Press Try out and fill in your security token and your request;
5. Press Execute: the response code is displayed and visualizable with Json viewer.
For additional credits, personalized APIs, specific usages or any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

The summary for your boss: 

The Representational State Transfer (REST) application programming interface (API) is a key technology for updating database. These above APIs will provide you with a simple, flexible, secure, standard way to make HTTP requests and receive insightful responses. Enjoy !