Accelerate your large account business in 5 foolproof steps


Don't miss out on the chance to accelerate your large account business with these simple yet powerful steps. Start taking action today and watch your success soar. 


Step 1: Get inspired by the giants

If you're lacking inspiration, take a look at the lists of the most successful companies in your region (free). While larger companies may require more effort to convince, history has shown that they generate substantial revenue and provide long-term stability as customers.


Step 2: Easily identify decision-makers

Discover who holds the key to making the big decisions by creating a list of your top 10 dream prospects (free). Decode the organizational chart to pinpoint the exact role and responsibilities of each executive team member and their direct reports.


Step 3: Connect with game-changing decision-takers

Before reaching out, delve into the mini-biographies of the executives. Understand their needs and preferences to ensure you approach them in the most effective way possible. Putting in the hard work upfront pays off, as executives value thorough research and expect you to bring something valuable to the table.


Step 4: Expand your network of influential decision-takers

Discover even more decision-makers with similar profiles by using targeted keywords relevant to their roles. Instantly unlock a wealth of potential contacts and narrow them down by industry, country, or company. With a VIP access, download them in Excel.


Step 5: Gain the competitive edge

Stay one step ahead by setting up alerts for specific roles in certain countries or industries (VIP). With this insider knowledge, you'll be the first to know when decision-makers are nominated, promoted, or leaving their positions. This presents you with the perfect opportunity to forge meaningful connections at the right time.


Choose the best access for your purpose and start accelerating your large account business today with our free access.