The 116 most popular corporate abbreviations

Here are the most accepted abbreviations in the corporate world around the globe regarding: 

  1. Business Titles
  2. Corporate Departments
  3. Corporate Geographies
  4. Corporate Legal Entities


1. Business Titles:

CCO: Chief Commercial Officer or Chief Customer Officer

CDO: Chief Digital Officer

CEO: Chief Executive Officer

CFO: Chief Financial Officer

CHRO: Chief Human Resource Officer

CIO: Chief Information Officer and sometimes Chief Investment Officer

CISO: Chief Information Security Officer

CMO: Chief Marketing Officer 

COO: Chief Operating Officer and sometimes Chief Operation Officer

CPO: Chief People Officer and sometimes Chief Project Officer or Chief Product Officer

CRO: Chief Revenue Officer

CSO: Chief Sales Officer 

CTO: Chief Technology Officer or Chief Technical Officer

EVP: Executive Vice President 

GM: General Manager

MD: Managing Director

SVP: Senior Vice President

VP: Vice President


2. Corporate Departments:

Admin: Administration

AI: Artificial Intelligence

AML: Anti Money Laundering

API: Application Programming Interface

B2B: Business to Business

B2C: Business to Consumer

BI: Business Intelligence

BtoB: Business to Business

BtoC: Business to Consumer

BusDev: Business Development

CEE: Central and Eartern Europe

CIB: Corporate Investment Banking

CRM:  Customer Relationship Management

CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility 

CX: Customer Experience

EEC: European Economic Community

ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning

ESG: Environment, Social and Governance

ETF: Exchange-Traded Fund

FX:  Foreign Exchange

GenAI: Generative Artificial Energy

HR: Human Resources

HSE: Health, Safety and Environment

HSEQ: Health, Safety, Environment and Quality

ICT: Information and Communication Technologies

IoT: Internet of Things

IR: Investor Relations

IT: Information Technology

LLM: Large Language Model

LNG: Liquid Natural Gas

M&A: Mergers & Acquisitions

N-1: Reporting to the CEO

N-2: Reporting to someone reporting to the CEO

OEM: Original Equipment Manufacturer

Opex: Operational Expenses

PR: Public Relations

R&D: Research and Development

SaaS: Software as a Service 

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SMB: Small Medium Business

SME: Small Medium Enterprises

UI/UX: User Interface/User Experience

VAT: Value Added Tax

WW: World Wide


3. Corporate Geographies:

ANZ: Australia and New Zealand

APAC: the Asia Pacific region

APJ: Asia Pacific and Japan

ASEAN: Association of Southeast Asian Nations

BeLux: Belgium and Luxembourg

Benelux: Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg

Baltics: Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania

CIS: Commonwealth of Independent States also sometimes called the Russian Commonwealth 

DACH: the Germany, Austria and Switzerland region (abbreviated from the German language)

EMEA: the Europe Middle-East and Africa region

EMEAI: the Europe Middle-East Africa and India region

GAS: the Germany, Austria and Switzerland region

HK: Hong Kong

LATAM: the Latin America region

MEA: Middle East and Africa

META: The Middle East, Turkey and Africa region

MENA: Middle East and North Africa

Nordics: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden

SEA: Southeast Asia

UAE: United Arab Emirates

UK: United Kingdom

US: United States of America

4. Corporate Legal Entities:

AG: Aktiengesellschaft or Public Limited Company in German

AS: Aktieselskab or Danish name for company with stocks (private or public)

BHD: Berhad, used in Malaysia to identify a public limited company

Co.: Company

Cos.: Companies

Corp.: Corporation

Gmbh: Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung or Limited Liability Company in German

Inc.: Incorporated

KGaA: Kommanditgesellschaft auf Aktien combines individually liable shareholders with public company shareholders in Germany

LLC: Limited Liability Company

LLP: Limited Liability Partnership

Ltd.: Limited

Oy: Osakeyhtiö or Limited Liability Company in Finland

PLC: Public Limited Company

SA: Société Anonyme, Socieda Anonyma, 

SE: Societas Europaea a recent framework provided by the European legislature.


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